Me, Naturally

(This is one of my favorite photos of me. I’m at Jordan Pond in Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor, Maine. Sitting there, I felt the most peace I’ve ever felt. It’s the place I go to in my mind during EMDR and hard life moments, what my therapist calls “my safe place.”) Nature takes… Read more »

Want to Write Better Dialogue? Close Your Eyes and Listen

(I originally wrote this for the Imagination Soup blog.) Wanna know a secret? When it comes to writing dialogue, I have an advantage. Why? Because I was a journalist for … well, far too long. I honed my listening skills during interviews for more than 6,000 articles. And there were usually at least three sources… Read more »

Let Me be the Devil on Your Shoulder to Help With Dialogue

(I originally wrote this for the Imagination Soup blog.) We talk all the time, so why is dialogue so difficult to get just right when we’re writing? I blame English teachers. Just kidding. Kinda. Let me explain. From day one we’re taught to write using standard English. But we don’t talk that way, now do… Read more »